Blow Out Birthday Cake Candle!

Colleen is turning n years old! Therefore, she has n candles of various heights on her cake, and candle i has height heighti . Because the taller candles tower over the shorter ones, Colleen can only blow out the tallest candle(s).

Given the heighti for each individual candle, find and print the number of candles she can successfully blow out.


n, denoting the number of candles on the cake. The array has n comma-separated integers, where each integer i describes the height of candle .





Print the number of candles Colleen blows out on a new line.

Sample Input

n = 5
arrOfHeights = [3, 6, 7, 1, 7]

Sample Output


As an integer.

Let's explain sample :

We have one candle of height 1 , one candle of height 3 , one candle of height 6 ,and two candles of height 7 . Colleen only blows out the tallest candles, meaning the candles where height = 7 . Because there are 2 such candles, we print 2 on a new line.

Contributed by Erkan Ercan