Function of if student passes a course

Write a function that decides if a student passes a course or not and returns result. The function receives 2 integer parameters ; first grade and then attendance percentage. If the attendance is below 80, the student fails regardless of the grade. If attendance is above or equal to 80, you can check the grade. If student's grade is below 40, the student fails the course. If the grade is 40 or between 40-49, it is soft pass. Lastly, if the grade is 50 or above 50 the student passes the course.

The function will return "PASS" if student passes, "SOFT PASS" if student soft passes, "FAIL" if student fails.

NOTE: grade and attendance values will ALWAYS be given between 0 and 100.

Tip: You should use a conditional statement in this question.

Contributed by Emre Dipi