Mathematics Probability requires use of probabilistic and statistical reasoning to solve.

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Linear Congruential Generator

Linear congruential generator is very basic algorithm to generate random numbers. Although it is a very fast algorithm, it may not generate very random variables. The formula of that generator is giv ...
Mert Deniz Güngör
Published on Mar 20th, 2018

Sum of square of first n odd numbers

Problem Given a number n, find the sum of the square of first n odd natural numbers. Example Input : 3 Output : 35 1^2 + 3^2 + 5^2 = 35
Erkan Ercan
Published on Feb 11th, 2018

Sort using selection sort

Problem Given an array. You need to sort the integers in array with selection sort. And return them in an array. Selection sort program for selection sort to sort numbers. Selection sort algorithm ...
Erkan Ercan
Published on Jan 29th, 2018

Program to reverse a given number

Problem Reverse a given number. Example If number is 123 program should return 321. Return must be int.
Erkan Ercan
Published on Jan 29th, 2018

Program to Calculate Area of Equilatral Triangle

Problem Culculate area of equilateral triangle. And return the area with float.(2 digits after point.) Properties of Equilateral Triangle : Equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all thre ...
Erkan Ercan
Published on Jan 29th, 2018


Yavuz loves to play basketball. Also he is interested in with math and sometimes he produces little funny mathematic games. Yavuz has written a program which finds out if number N is an Emirp number ...
Burak Bugrul
Published on Jan 23rd, 2018

Recursive Product Function With Only Summation

Write a recursive function that calculates product of two number with only summation. Note: Inputs will ve ALWAYS positive numbers. You don't need to check if it is negative.
Emre Dipi
Published on Jan 19th, 2018

Cyclic Number

A cyclic number is an integer n digits in length which, when multiplied by any integer from 1 to n, yields a"cycle"of the digits of the original number. That is, if you consider the number after the ...
Published on Jan 19th, 2018

Joseph's Problem

From among n people, numbered 1, 2, . . ., n, standing in circle every mth is going to be executed and only the life of the last remaining person will be saved. Joseph was smart enough to choose the ...
Published on Jan 19th, 2018

Find the Maximum Value by Inserting ‘+’, ’*’ and '()'

Given an array of numbers, the task is to find the maximum value from the string, you can add a ‘+’ or ‘*’ sign between any two numbers. You should also use parantheses. Examples: [0, 1, 2, 3, 1] c ...
Berkan Teber
Published on Jan 16th, 2018